Who we are…

We are the Delaware Valley Combined Training Association, DVCTA. We are an organization of over 300 individuals who share a common interest in horses and the related activities of Combined Training (now known popularly as Eventing) and Dressage. Some of us ride, some of us compete, some breed and train and others just love being around horses. While our members come from all over the US, as well as several foreign countries, we are primarily active in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware and Northeastern Maryland.

Affiliate Member, United States Eventing Association (USEA)

Charter Group Member, United States Dressage Federation (USDF), GMO# 121

United States Equestrian Federation

What We Do…

We offer a number of activities for those interested in Eventing and Dressage. In keeping with our mission as a non-profit educational organization, we strive to provide an interesting and educational forum for our members to help them reach their equestrian goals; our purpose is to provide opportunities for members to learn the principles, practices, regulations and other important aspects of Eventing and Dressage. In order to achieve that goal, we offer lectures on various topics, mounted and unmounted clinics and schooling shows. We also publish a monthly newsletter for our members. In addition, each year we currently host the following nationally recognized competition:

* DVCTA presents the Spring Dressage Show each June is an USEF/USDF-recognized Dressage competition

All of these activities are more fully explored on this site. We hope you will take some time to visit and see what’s going on – we will be updating our information often!