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Volunteer hours updated November 21, 2017.

It is the intent of the program to encourage members to become active by volunteering at various activities and events sponsored or sanctioned by DVCTA throughout the year.  The Association would not be able to provide quality shows, clinics, and educational events without the assistance of these volunteers and acknowledges that reward and recognition of these services are critical to the retention of volunteers in the organization.

We wish to recognize all of the following DVCTA volunteers who went above and beyond their minimum commitment to really help DVCTA rock in 2016! (And we know a lot of them did even more than is listed here!)

Bronze – 20 Hours

Liz Baily
Ange Bean
Gaye Bergstrom
Cheryle Blunt
Monica Fiss
Maddie Huis
Paula Keller
Barbra Kirkland
Carol Lippa
Theresa Monturano
Jenny Moyer
Jordan Osborne
Katie Pare
Anessa Romans
Meredith Graves Rotko
Patrick Ross
Janet Rubino
Audrey Sims
Linda Swank
Deb Tsang
Karen Walsh
Becky Wolfe

Silver – 35 Hours

Melanie Delduco
Jen Downey
Sara Gartland
Eliza Herman
Lauren Kramer
Erika Nessler
Chris Reidy
Sue Springsteen

Gold – 50+ Hours

Laura Adriaanse
Tracey Basler
Liz Brenner
Anecia Delduco
Jill Green
Alix James
Elsie Kellerman
Kathy King
Anne Miller
Sharon Sexton
Dani Toscano

Platinum – 100 + Hours!

Lisa Knox – 170
Darcy Miller – 165
Megan Mendenhall – 108

Record Keeping

Show/event/clinic organizers will be responsible for securing the appropriate volunteers to fill the positions necessary to carry out their activity.  The organizer will record the volunteers name, email, and number of hours to submit to the volunteer coordinator, Liz Brenner (volunteers@dvcta.org) after the event. Periodically, a report of volunteer hours will be posted on the DVCTA website so members can track their hours in preparation for year-end volunteer recognition awards.

End of Year Awards

Volunteers will also be eligible to receive end of year awards based on the number of hours each volunteer contributes to the organization within the calendar year by volunteering at DVCTA schooling shows, clinics and other activities.  Awards will be issued as follows:

Bronze Medal Award
Silver Medal Award
Gold Medal Award
Volunteer of the Year Award
20 hours of volunteer service
35 hours of volunteer service
50+ hours of volunteer service
Volunteer with the highest total hours of volunteer service

Service Volunteer – The Distinguished Service Award

Without the “Service Volunteer” the events and activities within the organization would not be possible.  Service Volunteers are those members of DVCTA that go above and beyond the call of duty for a specific project or event.  These volunteers spend countless hours in support of the organization, committed to providing quality programs and activities to the DVCTA membership and upholding the mission statement of the organization.  Service Volunteers often serve on multiple committees, are involved in ongoing projects, and volunteer on a regular basis at various DVCTA activities.  Service Volunteers are eligible for “The Distinguished Service Award”.  The Distinguished Service Award was first presented in 1984 “in appreciation of your dedication to the spirit and ideals of DVCTA and your generous service to the sports of Dressage and Combined Training”.  Each year the board votes to choose the volunteer that the Distinguished Service Award goes to.